The desert showing the Oasis off in the distance.

The Great Kanto Desert is a fictional desert setting of Japan in the anime and manga series Desert Punk.


At the beginning of the series, it is implied that a nuclear catastrophe had struck nations across the planet, including Japan, leaving behind nothing but barren wasteland. The only things that are left are ruins of old cities seen as gravemarks of the past.

Kanto Desert is is ruled by the Oasis Government, a group of political leaders that reside in the Oasis Walls. There is much ill-will between many characters and the government due to the way the desert is run, with only certain people allowed within the Oasis with protection, health care, and food, while many others are cast out into the harsh desert with only the bare minimum to survive. Breaking federal laws can result in being ejected from the Oasis into the desert, or even execution.

The currency of Japan, yen, is still intact, even though the series takes place thousands of years ahead of the present. Even banks still exist. However, due to the desolate state of the desert, common necessities for survival are extremeley expensive and are hard to come by. A common way of making a living is doing manual labor, though there are other professions, such as the mercenary or "handyman" field, which is showcased in the series to be quite lucrative at times. Mercenaries function through legally binding documents within the region in order to collect pay.

The weapons used by the many mercenaries in the series are based on original models from "the Dark Ages", before the desert became what it is is today. It is later discovered that the standard weapons are vastly inferior to the originals, as they are made of weaker materials and are essentially knock-offs. Original creations from the Dark Ages are referred to as lost technology, and is considered classified information that the public should not be aware of.

Water Stations

Water Stations are villages or areas outside of the Oasis in the desert that serve as general areas for living among the population. They are marked by numbers, as the area Desert Punk hails from is Water Station #30.