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Kanta Mizuno (水野 灌太 Mizuno Kanta), known more commonly as Desert Punk (砂ぼうず Sunabōzu) is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the anime and manga series Desert Punk.

Character Outline


Due to Desert Punk's recurring theme of humanity's follies, Kanta is an extremely cynical person. He doesn't particularly care about or like anyone, and has virtually no regard for human life. This is highlighted when he states that he respects the Oasis Government for how they run the Great Kanto Desert; leaving survival almost completely up to the people. His inner sadist even stretches out to the Machinegun Brothers, who he calls his best friends, when in reality they are just the people who have known him the longest. He is quite lecherous, and is not above kidnapping or bribery in order to have sex with women he finds attractive. A running gag in the series is his "love" for Junko Asagiri, who tricks and uses him various times throughout the series' run. Kanta is fully aware of Junko's vexatious ways, but simply finds her so attractive that he does not care. He is rather intelligent and adept with a wide array of weaponry, which gets him out of many situations, along with his sharp mind and quick instinct. His main goals as the series progresses is to build his reputation back to what it once was after Junko defeated him and to have sex, however the former does not happen.

Kanta's perverted face


Prior to becoming a mercenary, Kanta spent his childhood in Water Station #30 with the Machinegun Brothers and their sister, Natsuko Kawaguchi. He was just as mischievous as a child as he is as an adult, and usually forced the three brothers to steal things with or for him. At some point in time, his father attempted to take him to the Oasis for a chance at a decent life, but to no avail. Kanta's father is presumed dead as he does not appear in the series sans one flashback in which he is a silhouette. Kanta's most used gun in the series, a Winchester Model 1897, is a memento left by his father.

Plot Overview


Kanta with his sunshade mask off.

When we are first introduced to Kanta, he quickly shows off his skills as a mercenary, but his weakness is made far too clear: He cannot resist attractive women. This leads to Junko Asagiri destroying his reputation as a feared mercenary, which he attempts to restore, and does after the eighth episode. For the first half of the series, Punk goes on comical missions that introduces the central characters and his morbid personality. In the second half, he unwillingly becomes apart of a political uprising that wishes to change the living situation of the desert. Along the way, he attains an apprentice named Kosuna.


Kanta and Kosuna

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Kanta and Junko