Junko Asagiri (朝霧 純子 Asagiri Junko), is a fictional character in the anime and manga series Desert Punk.

Character Outline


Junko is a voluptuous and cunning woman, and she is not above using her well-endowed body to obtain what she wants. This trait is shown multiple times as she bests the famous Desert Punk and Tech. Due to her manipulative nature and overly large breasts, she is seen as a fierce enemy by Kosuna. Junko realizes this, and often teases her about her size and even goes so far as to call herself "Kanto Desert's Baddest Power Babe", a title initially coined by Kosuna. Much like Desert Punk, she is highly skilled with weaponry and is just as clever as the Demon of the Desert. Following along with the central theme of the series, Junko seemingly represents selfishness and disloyalty, as she switches sides whenever it is in her favor quite often.

Plot Overview


Junko wearing her desert suit.

When we are first introduced to Junko, she is unconscious and left for dead in the middle of the desert until Desert Punk finds her. It is later learned that this is all a trap to get Desert Punk to take out the Kawazu Gang for her and collect the bounty herself. As the series progresses, she gets involved in multiple affairs with Punk, almost always ending with her getting paid and Kanta walking away shamefully. In the second half, she becomes apart of a political uprising that wishes to change the living situation of the desert, but later betrays them. By the end of the series, Junko seems to have become attracted to Kanta and becomes his new partner, but it is never confirmed if their relationship is ever consummated.